For women who have never been employed or have been out of work for a long time and have no experience in dealing with computers, a basic module “everyday computer use” is offered. In this course you will learn the basics of private PC operation, you will also be taught essential knowledge of everyday life and introduced some low-threshold professions.

The course lasts four months and is carried out as close to your home as possible. From the ranks of the participants in the basic module, a group of women emerges who have further professional and technical interests. For these and other women who already have professional experience and / or private experience with the PC, the advanced module “Professional Computer Use Basic” is offered. It introduces women to the use of the office package and, depending on their needs, can include other aspects of professional preparation (e.g. application training). The course immediately follows the beginner’s course so that its graduates can take part and take the next qualification step straight away.

For the children of the participants of all courses, a family module takes place in parallel, which is supervised and organized by the project partner Kitz.Do. It includes experiments that are also suitable for normal rooms, so that the children and mothers can learn side by side. During the holidays, more complex work camps take place in the KITZ.do rooms. The children and their parents have the opportunity to try out a scientifically and technically oriented play program. This opens up further access to their interests and at the same time offers the opportunity to repeat basic skills such as writing and arithmetic again through fun experiments. you will learn about programs that you can use to protect yourself from malware and other risks. In addition, the children receive further information about possible professions in the Mint area. Not only do the mothers and their children work together on the experiments, but the fathers are also involved if possible in order to increase the acceptance of women’s learning and to further improve family structures. By attracting them and by offering a meaningful offer for the children, it is possible to win over women as the actual target group for participation.

At the end of the project, there will be a webinar for the participants. During this event, the participants will get the chance to reflect on their experiences of participating in the project. They will also receive certificates for completing the courses.



  • Product 1 Module 1: Basic learning module for women “everyday use of digital devices
  • Product 1 Module 2: Advanced module for women “Professional computer use Basic”
  • Product 1 Module 3: Family module – small, sustainable mint experiments that help children and mothers and fathers to better understand digitally and learn together
  • Open webinar for women on the two modules to discuss the content internationally with the target group

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Project partners are creating a learning package for the tutors who support the families involved in acquiring computer skills.


– Open webinar for learning guides to evaluate the teaching units for learning guides

– Product 2 Module 2: teaching concept for the international workshop

– Workshop for learning guides in Italy for intercultural exchange and discussion of the work of learning support

– Product 2 Module 3: Tool for better communication between participants and learning guides

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Project partners are creating a package for the educational providers interested in replicating the project.


– Product 3 Module 1: Seminar for voluntary organizations and educational providers to be able to teach the products described above in their facilities

– Product 3 M2: Guide for inserting the modules for interested institutions.

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